Unable to change signup button URL in login screen

Hey team,

we have used the auth0 service in one of our projects and we are using the New Universal Login service for the login page. And for a signup, we are about to use our own custom page which we made for our app.

On the login page, we are having signup button at the bottom which will open the Auth0 Signup page. But here we are expecting to change the URL for it, and on click of that signup link, it should have to open a custom link which we set.

We went through documentation from auth0 and tried a few approaches, but it is not helping us.

Could you please guide us here, How we can change this URL for the signup button link?

Thanks & Regards,
BS Development Team

Hey team,

Please let us know if there is any update on it. Thanks!

@dan.woda @konrad.sopala
Could you guys please take a look at this?