SSO behaviour question

I have the situation below.

2 x Web Applications setup in Auth0, both use same connection (O365).
When WebApp (A) loads, I am presented with the Auth0 universal login page. I will login with my O365 credentials.

When I revisit the same site again, even after closing the browser (Chrome), it goes straight in without Universal Login prompt.

I load WebApp in another browser (IE), I am presented with the Universal Login page even though O365 is authenticated on the Chrome browser.

It seems the cookie is stored in Browser only.

Is this the expected behaviour?

Since they both share the same connection, can I have either A or B app logs in, the other wouldn’t be prompted for login regardless of browser. Is this an option?

Hi @noob,

If you are talking about cross browser SSO, that is not going to be possible. SSO uses cookies, which are browser specific.

Let me know if I am missing something.


edit: here is a great resource on SSO

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