SSO not working with "new" universal login but does work with "classic" universal login


I’m trying to transition to the new universal login, but I’m stuck on an issue regarding SSO. Users (including myself) are required to re-login to my SPA app even if the page is just refreshed (F5).

I have enabled Seamless SSO with persistent session cookies, yet with the new login the user is asked to log in every time.

With the classic universal the Auth0 login page just skips right past the login if the user is already logged in (which is what I want), but if I enable the new login the user always gets asked to log in again, even if they just did 2 seconds ago.

This is what initializes the login.

            appState: { target: redirectPath },
            authorizationParams: {
                scope: this.scopes,
                login_hint: hint


"auth0-lock": "^12.3.1"

What could be the issue, or what do I need to provide to help answer the question?

This is how we set up the auth client using lock.

  domain: environment.Auth0.Domain,
  clientId: environment.Auth0.Client_Id,
  authorizationParams: {
    redirect_uri: environment.Auth0.Redirect_URI
  useRefreshTokens: environment.Auth0.Use_Refresh_Tokens

Any help on how to get to the cause of this issue is appreciated.