Unblock Account Email does not re-direct to Android App


I’m developing a React Native App and have noticed that when I try to Unblock an account through the email that is sent to the user after multiple incorrect login attempts, I am not brought to the App through the email’s re-direct url on Android. I can confirm I am brought to the App on iOS however. There are separate Applications entries for Android and iOS to get around the Email Template’s limitations of only being able to access an Application’s first entry in its callback url list, and I can confirm the callback url is correctly configured on the Android app as we have also successfully implemented Universal Login. I can also confirm the full redirect url when accessing the Unblock Email through a browser’s private window as it prompts the redirect with a popup, and I see no issues there.

Any guidance in resolving this is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, gkalb

Haven’t fixed this yet, but narrowed it down to activity intent-filters in the AndroidManifest.xml.

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That’s progress! Let us know if you manage to narrow it down!

Fixed! The android:pathPrefix was the issue. Originally we had:

                  android:scheme="${applicationId}" />

which is tailored for the Universal Login process, but is too specified for the email redirect process. Removing the android:pathPrefix fixed the issue, relaxing the filtering to allow both types of requests.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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