Callback url does not work on Android after first time


I use universal login with my Android app. When I try to login to an account for the first time, a browser tab is opened, universal login is shown and after I enter the user credentials, it redirects to my App and I get user details. Until now, there is no problem.

However, if I restart or even reinstall my app, when my app opens the browser tab to show universal login page, it actually shows an error “Cannot get /android/{my_app_id}/callback”. I think universal login automatically signs in but cannot redirect to mobile app after this. Only solution is to reset the mobile emulator data.

I am currently developing the app and it is not in production yet. I don’t have this problem with iOS. During setup I added the redirect activity to Android manifest. I set the domain, path and scheme correctly. I set the callback url in Auth0 panel correctly. As I told, it works fine for the first time.

I did no other thing besides these. How can I solve this problem?

During my search I found that you can add app links to Auth0. Do I need to set that? Is it related to this problem?

Anybody has a solution for this? There is a problem with the auth0 auth mechanism here.

I changed scheme from https to my package id and it works now.

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Super cool to hear that and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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