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Auth0 cannot get /android/package/callback error android


Hi there,

I got a problem with auth0 .The first time I login with fb/google I get the callback but when I try for the second time to login I get this error : cannot get /android/package/callback .

Please can you help me ?


:wave: @elioprifti are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, is this a new tenant and application? Does the issue happen randomly or every time? Are you using Lock.Android or a Android SDK? We should be using Universal Login for our Android application.

Let me know if you are still seeing the issue and how you are currently implementing your Android application and we can go from there!


No,my bad.Had to change the scheme from https to something else.Thank you for replying.


Perfect! Glad to see you were able to solve the issue.


@elioprifti : Can you tell me what change you made in scheme?
I changes many times but issue is still there.