Email Template "Redirect To" value

I am currently building a React Native App, and have encountered an issue with the Email Template’s “Redirect To” value. Because the {{ application.callback_domain }} variable that is available only contains the first value in the Application’s Callback URL list, I am not able to provide this feature to both iOS and Android users as their Callback URLs have to be unique. The wildcard placeholder also does not work in this case because the protocol is not http or https. Is there any plan to extend the URLs available from the Application’s list instead of just allowing the first to be used?

Hi @gkalb

I don’t see a plan to extend the URLs available. Could you create separate apps for your iOS and Android apps? I think this is how it would typically be done for the separate frameworks.

You can also create a Feature Request.

Hi @dan.woda,

That’s exactly what we chose to do to get around this.

Thanks for replying!

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No problem let us know if you have any other questions!

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