Verification Email redirect URL

My application workflow is that after users signup, the verification email would be sent by Auth0 for them to verify the account.
On the Emails > Templates, there is a place called “RedirectTo” that set up the the redirect url after users finish the verification action.
I have put the {{ application.callback_domain }} for that “RedirectTo” field. Based on the documentation, the {{ application.callback_domain }} would grab the first callback url from application’s “Allowed Callback URL” list. Currently, my application’s “Allowed Callback URL” list contains multiple urls including my production site url, staging site url and localhost url.

My question is that, is there a way to specifically point the {{ application.callback_domain }} to only production site url ?
For example, even if the first url of my Allow Callback URL list is the staging site url, can the {{ application.callback_domain }} still point to the production site url ?

Hi @eric.lee,

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You can explicitly describe a URL, or you can use the application.callback_domain, which will select the first URL in the list.

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