Ability to customize Account Unblocked page

When a user receives and clicks on the link in a Blocked Account email, after the ticket API call is made they land on the Account Unblocked page. This page, when using Universal Login, does not carry over Universal Login styles so it looks different than other Auth0 pages. Also, there is no prompt for this page, so it is not possible to customize or localize this page.

Our users are based around the globe, so it is inconsistent for us to send them a localized email and then direct them to a page in English. A workaround for this is to use the Redirect To field in the Blocked Account Email settings to go to a custom page, or (as we have decided to do) {{application.callback_domain}}. Unfortunately, even with this option, we are unable to pass the ui_locales parameter through the ticket API call, so it is also not possible to localize a custom page, or in our case, to localize our app’s Universal Login page from this redirect.

Cade Brown

Thanks for creating this request.