Is it possible to customize the "Account Unblocked" message email?

Dear Auth0 community,

I’ve been trying to use the email template customise feature to provide translated versions of the several Email based verification or secruity flows.

Most of the templates are available in the UI for me to customise but I am unable to find where I can customise the “Account Unblocked” email message that users get in case they verify theres no problem with suspicious behaviour.

Is it possible?


Hey there @streamhub, I apologize for the delay in response.

Currently that isn’t possible but I would recommend visiting and leaving us your feedback/use case for this. Every submission is manually read by the product team and help set the tone for the features we develop moving forward.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this front. Thanks!

Hi James,

Many thanks for your reply and no problems on the delay!
That’s a shame that its not possible to customise.

Our main use case is that because we are a niche but global SaaS service, we needed to localise our messages to the local markets who are not fond of english in every day use. When users in non english markets receives an email about important topics such as Suspeicious activity or Unblocking Accounts etc, in English, you can imagine how unproffesional it makes us look. Since everything else is customisable into localisation versions, but not some of these others.

Any ideas / pointers would be much appreciated.


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