How to customize the Unblock Account Page with New Universal Login (beta)

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I’m using New Universal Login experience, and my company customized every available Page (Login, Password Reset, MFA…) and also those email templates available (Verification, Welcome, Reset Password…). But when a user clicks on the link of the “Blocked Account Email”, will open an “Unblock Account Page” with the default universal login template, how can I change that layout?

I’m happy to follow a document, but all the documents I’ve read so far explain how to customize the Email Template and nothing from the Page!

For example:

I’m using Universal Login / New Universal Login Experience

Please help!

Hi @guilherme.scotti thanks for reaching out, and many welcomes to the Auth0 Community! :star_struck: :tada:

Would you mind providing an screen grab of the 'Unblock Account Page"? I just want to make sure I’m thinking about the correct page. I’m afraid there are a number of limitations to the New Universal Login when it comes to customizations. More on that can be found in this resource:

Basically any HTML customizations to the New Universal Login page causes the behavior to revert back to the Classic Universal Login. However once I see what page you’re talking about specifically we may be able to figure out a way to have it customized to your companies spec.

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HI @colin.coutts ,

Here a print of the “Unblock Account Page”

If I cannot change this Page template, It is possible to translate this Page to another language? because all my clients are Brazilian

Hey there @guilherme.scotti!

Auth0 provides an API that you can use to customize all the text displayed in the New Universal Login Experience for every supported language and it seems like Brazilian is there.


My Tenant is already set to “Portuguese”.

Since I cannot send ui_locales to this “Unblock Account Page”, what can i do to see at least the text in Portuguese?

Hi @guilherme.scotti,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience but this page in particular is not customizable at this time. Good news is you can redirect the user to another page other than this one. You’ll just need to update the Redirect To field if you go to Dashboard => Emails => Templates => Blocked account email => Redirect To. This way the user will be redirected to your specified URL after the action is successful.

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