Customizing the unlock page of Brute-Force Protection

I am trying Brute-Force Protection.
I was able to customize the html of email that is sent when user account is blocked according to this documentation.
However, I have not found a way to customize the page after moved to the unlock link(which is display “Account Unblocked” on success, “Authentication Error” on failure).
Most users of the service I am developing are not native English speakers, so I would like to customize, or at least localize, the HTML of this page if possible.
Is the way to do this provided?

Hi @d-kimuson,

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Firstly, you will need to set the user’s preferred language in their user_metadata so we can determine what language to set in the email template. For example:

"user_metadata": {
    "locale": "fr-FR"

Then, you can customize the language of your Blocked Account Email template by using liquid syntax in the email template to conditionally set the language.

For example, in the message body you could have:

{% assign language = user.user_metadata.locale %}
{% if language == 'fr-FR' %}
{% else %}

This will convert the email message body to French if the user’s language is set to ‘fr-FR’ and English otherwise.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.


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Many thanks for the explanation, @rueben.tiow

However, my concern is not with the Brute-Force Protection email template, but with customizing/localizing the view of the status page that appears when I click on the link for unlocking.

To explain in more detail.

  1. Make 10 repeated mistakes in entering my credentials with Brute-Force Protection enabled
  2. Receive an account lock email
  3. Click on the email address to unlock your account ← This email can be customized in the way you described
  4. Status page appears ← I am looking for a way to customize/localize this page

Thank you so much,


Hi @d-kimuson,

Thank you for your reply and clarification.

Unfortunately, the confirmation account unblocked page is not customizable at the moment. However, there’s a feature request for this customization option: Ability to customize Account Unblocked page

I suggest giving your support to the feature request by upvoting it, as more votes increase the likelihood of it being implemented sooner.


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