Unable to use my application for redirect url text

Hi guys,

First time post here.

We generated reset password url via endpoint /api/v2/tickets/password-change

The link is working fine, except the 2nd screen shows “Return to All applications” instead of my application’s name. How can I override this? (see screenshot)

And secondly, the redirect button is only generated when I set redirect url at tenant setting. Not setting it in tenant settings would make the button disappear even though I have set "Application Login URI
" in application configuration.

I am using New Universal Login
I also use application’s client ID + Client secret

Hi @chris16,

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There is a different behavior after pw reset between the new universal login and classic:

For the all-applications setting, can you try triggering the pw reset from here and see if that solves it?

Let me know.


Hi @dan.woda Thank you so much for your answer. Your solution worked in terms of showing the desired application name. However it doesn’t fit with our flow.

Current situation:

  • We have existing users with existing database.
  • User can’t sign up into our application. It’s an invite-only application
  • We are planning to migrate all user database to auth0
  • Password can’t be migrated, as it’s hashed and not compatible with auth0 hashing. Thus forcing users to change their password via a link in email
  • We send bulk email with link to reset password. The email is composed and sent by our own

We can’t use the api that you’ve mentioned because it’s re-using general password reset flow (which our user can do on login screen). That’s why we compose and send email by ourselves, however the redirect button has “All Applications” label on it.

Do you have a better approach to do this?

Hi @chris16,

We have an automatic migration scheme that may fit your needs. It allows you to connect your DB and migrate to an auth0 DB without having to force pw reset for all users. Take a look at the doc:

If this does not fit your needs please let me know and we can discuss further.


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