Change Password Ticket for Universal Login - Redirect URI at the Application Level

When referring to this post describing how to setup Tenant Login URIs for the Universal Login experience, I do not see a way to allow each Application in the tenant to have their own Login URI.

In our Auth0 tenant, we have 10 applications. Each with their own login endpoint.

With the current implementation, we can only use 1 redirect URI per tenant?

Hi @matt.scachette

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You can set the Application Login URI at application level as per this document

This way each application will have a different setting, if you have it set at tenant level then I would clear that setting to ensure it isn’t used.

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Thanks for helping on this one Saqib!

Thanks but setting the Application Login URI does is not used by the password reset flow in the New Universal Login experience.

I have tried and tested this.

The user can reset their password using a generated password reset ticket but upon completion, there is no button appearing which redirects the user back to the application.

Per the linked post above, only the “Tenant Login URI” is used. I can confirm that functions as expected.