Unable to access other tenant

One of my clients added me to his tenant. I never received the invite, although a co-worker did. I suspect this is because I already have an account associated with another client / tenant. When I log in, I have no option to switch tenants. Will you please advise? Thanks.

Hi @sprice,

If you did not receive the invite, could you have your clients re-invite you?

They will need to revoke the old invitation and send a new one.

Let me also add that it shouldn’t matter if your account is associated with another tenant. As long as you are invited to be a tenant member, you should be able to accept the invitation and have access.

Let me know how this goes for you.

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@rueben.tiow We tried this again. This time I did get an email. Two actually. One to verify email and one to accept invitation. The invitation link failed - “Oops!, something went wrong.” The technical details said “No MFA factors enabled for enrollment.”

MFA is enabled for my user, according to the Admin.

Hi @sprice,

Thanks for the update.

I do see that you currently have MFA enrolled and enabled. You can check this in your Account settings.

Could you send me a direct message of the name of the tenant that you are trying to be invited to?


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