Trouble setting up AWS custom email provider


I’m trying to switch from Auth0 standard provider to a custom email provider (AWS). I have been following all the tutorials provided by Auth0 as well as AWS for setting up SES (Simple Email Service) and SNS (Simple Notification Service). I had the confirmation from AWS support that my account was removed from the sandbox, and that the process is now in place. However, I’m not yet able to send emails through this new provider. Every time I try sending a test mail, I get this error : “unable to verify the first certificate”. I don’t understand what that means. Can you please help me find a way to resolve this error ?

Thank you

Hey there @yasmine.sidhom, welcome to the Auth0 Community! When you get a minute can you direct message me the tenant name? Also please re-run the “send email” test and see if you can snag the output from the Auth0 logs, this should give us a little bit more detail on what may be occurring. Thanks in advance!

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I wanted to follow up on this front @yasmine.sidhom and see if you have gotten a chance to snag those logs and tenant name? Thanks!

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Hello James,

Thank you for your fast reply.

logs :
“date”: “2019-06-21T09:48:21.071Z”,
“type”: “fn”,
“description”: “To:”,
“connection_id”: “”,
“details”: {
“email_type”: “try_provider_configuration_email”,
“to”: “”,
“error”: “unable to verify the first certificate”
“log_id”: “90020190621094821071374882789980959537749200809872064530”,
“isMobile”: false,
“user_agent”: “Other 0.0.0 / Other 0.0.0”

Thanks for the log snippet but when you get a chance you direct message me your full tenant name. Are you an admin of the tenant? If so, can you reference in our direct message the associated email. Thanks in advance!

Following up on this front @yasmine.sidhom, any news on those details? Thanks in advance!

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