Custom Email as stopped working - AWS SES


Im trying to get custom emails working using AWS SES. This was working until recently however, we are not getting the following log error when trying to test / or send

"date": "2022-09-13T16:06:41.633Z",
"type": "fn",
"description": "To:",
"connection_id": "",
"details": {
"email_type": "try_provider_configuration_email",
"to": "",
"error": "The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your AWS Secret Access Key and signing method. Consult the service documentation for details."
"log_id": "90020220913160646833151741876095701589118590143275466818",
"_id": "90020220913160646833151741876095701589118590143275466818",
"isMobile": false,
"user_agent": "Other 0.0.0 / Other 0.0.0",
"id": "90020220913160646833151741876095701589118590143275466818"

I can confirm that the AWS Access and Secret keys are valid as they work for other email processes outside Auth0. Can you advise please?

Kind regards

Hi @Senor_Fiorano,

Are you still seeing this issue?

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