Total Users vs. jobs/users-exports Count

When I bulk export users (docs) the number of users returned does not match the “Total Users” count on the dashboard activity overview. There is a discrepancy of about 80k. What is he difference in how these values are calculated? How can I retrieve the information of the 80k users not returned?

Hey @hannah1 welcome to the community!

My guess is that you’re exporting user’s for 1 connection (there are 2 on your tenant) and thus only getting the users for the connection specified. Hopefully, just running another export with the 2nd connection_id param will get you the rest of the users.

Let us know!

That was it! Just getting oriented in Auth0 and didn’t realize we had multiple connections. Thank you so much!

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No problem, happy to help! Glad that was it :smile:

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