User Bulk-Export numbers

Problem statement

The bulk user export of our connection (con_) does not match the number of users displayed on our dashboard. The export has ~24,000 records while the Dashboard says we have more than 25,000 users.

We use the bulk-export to back a user report function for users. Is the bulk export missing users? Where does this discrepancy come from?


Difference between number of users associated to specific connections and the total number of users seen in the dashboard


  • Large number of users in the tenant have linked identities which means they have a profile in multiple connections
  • You were making user exports of each connection and summing them together which produced a number far higher than what the Total Active User count was for this reason
  • The Total Active User count is counting the amount of distinct user profiles existing in tenant dashboard
  • Users with Linked Accounts complicate this somewhat, though they are counted as a single user profile in the Auth0 dashboard, they still technically have an identity in multiple connections and will appear in those separate user stores when queried by the Management API


Check above cause explanations for more context. Thank you!