Data fetching/exporting from my Auth0 account

Hello, I have encountered a couple of issues regarding user data fetching/exporting from my Auth0 account. Whenever I am trying to export all of the users’ data through the dashboard with the User Import / Export extension, I encounter an “Oops, something went wrong!” generic error. No technical details are left with the error message, other than a typical “invalid request” error that doesn’t give any significant information regarding the issue. Attempting to fetch said data through Auth0’s API results in only 40 users, so that doesn’t seem to work as expected either.
Also, it seems like the amount of actual users saved within the account isn’t consistent through multipile tabs. Under the User Management tab, there are only 1000 users displayed, while under the Activity tab, it is stated that there are 7759 total users.

I would like to export all available users’ data. Are there any potential solutions for my issue?


Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

In order to export all of your user’s, I would suggest using the Bulk User Exports feature.

If you are having issues with the GUI, I would suggest doing it via the API. This method should provide a more verbose error, if they occur.

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