There is no sign up/register option on the login screen


I have an app using the New Universal Login screen, with the No Prompt login flow for Business Users.

When I try to visit my app’s URL and view the login page, there is no option to sign up. You can only enter your email/password and either continue or click forgot password.

There is one Organization connected to this application, and it has username-password-authentication enabled, as well as google-oauth2. Why am I not seeing a sign up option on the auth0 login screen?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @steffanie !

Does the database connection (username-password) have signups disabled by chance?

You can find the toggle if you navigate to Authentication → Database → Your connection → Settings

Signups are not disabled for the database connection.

The Organization also has auto-membership enabled for both database and google auth connections if that makes any difference.

By any chance does auth0 not allow you to have users register with an organization that is being passed in the authorization parameters? (The user doesn’t select the org, we set the org id)

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Hey @steffanie thanks for getting back to me!

Ah, yes that’s exactly the issue - Organizations do not currently allow for signup (but they will :slight_smile: ):

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