Sign up option on universal login has disappeared

I’ve created a new tenant, added @auth0/auth0-vue, and wired up the login and logout calls. The login page appears, allows me to login or sign up or reset my password.

I’ve now added two organizations with connections. The login works but the sign up option is missing.

It is using the “New Current implementation of Universal Login” and there are no customizations.

Any idea what I’ve done to make the sign up option disappear?


I tried turning on the custom Custom Login Page and it shows a warning “One or more pages are using custom HTML to override the Universal Login experience.”

I haven’t setup a custom HTML so I’m a bit baffled by this warning. Anyways, I’ve turned it off and I still don’t see a “Sign Up” link in the login page.

I’ve figured out how to hide the sign up option in the login dialog.

I’m using the new "@auth0/auth0-vue": "^2.0.0-beta.0" and I have customized the login as follows.

    authorizationParams: {
      organization: import.meta.env.VITE_AUTHO_ORGANIZATION_ID,
      display: 'page'

And now the Don’t have an account? Sign up option on the login is missing.

How am I supposed to allow new users to sign up to an organization?


My Problem is also, that the Don’t have an account? Sign up link went missing.
The text is customized, and that, can/could be displayed, but the link is gone. I am stuck. Do not know where to look.

Hey there @nyiry welcome to the community!

There is unfortunately no “Sign Up with Organization” capability for the time being - According to the PM, this should be available at the end of this year or early next. Here is the thread that goes into this in detail:

Let us know if that does not answer your questions, thanks!

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