Organizations and Universal Login

Hello, I m trying to implement the login/sign up user flow with organizations.

Everything was working as expected, I was able to login/signup new users and assign them to organization using the Universal Login.

The user clicks to login/signup the universal login modal opens with the customised company branded and the user is able to login/signup.

For some reason that I can’t understand, this thing started yesterday, the universal organization login/signup doesn’t render the sign up option.

any help is more than welcome.

Hi @nliapis,

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Organizations doesn’t support signup at this time. This thread provides added clarity on the subject: Can't reach signup page when using organizations

Hey @dan.woda, thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes, I read this article and I followed the suggested solution for now.

The really strange thing is that for some days customers were able to sign up like an organization, and I had tried this one as well.

If you see my tenant app there are users in the organization, didn’t move them there, they used the universal login and signed up as organization members.

Can’t understand how this happened, do you have any idea?

Is it possible they were using Grant Just-In-Time Membership to an Organization Connection?

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