Allowing User Sign ups in Auth0. Using Universal Login

In Auth0, I have setup organizations and associated separate database connections with each. For one of the organizations (Org A) , I have setup 2 separate database connections. One for staff users of the organization and one for external users (Say ExtUsersConn A). Across all database connections except ExtUsersConn A, I have configured the connections to disallow user signups.

The universal Login plug-in is set to New Universal Login Experience.

When the login page appears for OrgA I see no Sign Up buttons. Any ideas what else I need to configure?

I tried customizing the login tab but then the login page does not display and gives me an error that organizations are only supported in the New Universal Login Experience. And I’ve never switched to classic

Hi @araje , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Currently organizations does not allow user signup and users need to be added or invited to the organization. Althought the signup your looking for does not yet exist, you could achieve signup to an org by utilizing the management API, Organizations endpoints. Your application could request the email of the user and then, with that information send an invitation to them for the relevant organization.

Also, when any customizations are made on the login pages, this will revert New Universal Login to Classic, even if you didn’t switch the experience.
Hope this information helps, thanks!

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