Connection users cannot login to organization

I am testing auth0 and have created an organization linked to a database connection.
However, every time I try to login I get a password incorrect message and also I am not receiving any email if a try to reset the user password.

Hey there @joel.paredes welcome to the community!

Did you ever have any luck with this? Any chance you were attempting this using Classic Universal Login as opposed to New? This (Organizations not supported in Classic UL) and other limitations of Organizations are outlined here.

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Thank you for your response.

I am using the new universal login. I found out that this happens if I have two different database connections attached to an organization. It only works for users of the latest attached connection. Once I detached the second connection, the users from the first connection can login normally. Is this expected behavior?

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No problem, happy to help!

Thanks for confirming you are using New Universal Login - That is expected behavior except the Org should actually default to the oldest db connection as opposed to the latest that’s attached to the Org. This is the same logic that applies to client connections.

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Why does the Org default to the oldest db connection? What is the purpose of having more than one db connection enabled in an organization if it will only use one of them?

@ccarter The behavior is as described above, but Auth0 Applications (clients) and Organizations can have multiple DB connections assigned because there are use-cases that necessitate directing users to a single logical application or Organization and specifying a particular connection in the authorize request. See: Add Login Using the Authorization Code Flow

For example, you can direct end-users to a particular application or organization login prompt and specify a connection ahead of time to ensure they authenticate with the connection you want them to. It is the “discovery of which connection is the right connection to use by the end-user” that is not currently supported.


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