Issue with Organizations with multiple Connections

I have a Tennant say (T) . I have configured multiple Organizations (O1, O2, O3…). In one of the Organizations, I have 2 database connections enabled (D1 and D2). In addition I have 2 applications A1 and A2. In each of the applications I have associated respective Connections. So A1 → D1 and A2 → D2. Further I have configured the Organization Tab under each application to (Type of Users = Business, Login Prompt = No Prompt) The Authentication Profile is “Identifier + Password”

With this setting when I use the Universal login with no customization, one of the Database Connections is never recognized. I have to create users in D1 even for Application A2 (which is configured to use D2)

Anything I am doing wrong?

Hi @araje ,
I saw that you got the help you needed through a Support Ticket, so I’m just providing an update here for the benefit of others who may also come across a similar problem.

Since there are multiple database connections enabled, the application needs to specify the database connection when calling the /authorize endpoint by adding the connection parameter.