Link directly to Forgot password and signup

Hi there!

I am having some trouble linking directly to the sign up and forgot password. I have found some help sending me to the use screen_hint:signup. But i have some issues actually implementing this, we are using the New Universal Login in a Vue Nuxt setup.

I am unsure if it is some setup in my application or something i need to do in the administration/application area ?

Does it require a custom domain ?

Hope someone can help me on the way :slight_smile:

Hi @NicolajV,

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You should be able to link directly to the New UL signup page with the screen_hint:signup param. Are you sure you are using New UL? Feel free to provide a screenshot.

Hi @dan.woda

Thanks for the fast reply!
I am pretty sure it should be the new UL. This screenshot is from the branding โ†’ Advanced page:

Just to understand correctly, our setup is that we have the page โ†’ which then sends us to the UL page. Should it work with just saying or am i missing something crucial ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

I think this is the issue. You need to send that parameter with your request to /authorize.

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