Nuxt Auth0 display Signup not working


I was following the guidelines in the topic: Nuxt Auth0 display Signup , but for me the opened page is still the login page rather than the signup page.

I’m using the Universal Login Experience and the command that I’m using is:
app.$auth.loginWith(“auth0”, { params: { screen_hint: “signup” } })

I would appreciate help on what I could be missing or how to debug it.

One clarification - I’m using the New Universal Login Experience.

Another data point - using a debugger, I managed to verify that the redirect to the authorize page does contain a query params contain screen_hint=signup but the open dialog is on the login tab.

Ok, I just realized that having a custom html forbids using the New Universal Login Experience. That is kind of strange user experience.

IMHO, I think that it would be valuable if that constraint be eliminated or a work around could be introduced.