Nuxt Auth0 display Signup

Hi all!

Using Nuxt ant Auth0 with Universal login, i have scanned the web, is there anyway to display only the signup part of the universal login??

Using this.$auth.loginWith(“auth0”)

Is there anyway to sedn parameters so i can display Signup first

Hey @maaw,

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Yes in the New universal login we have this functionality out of the box,
Please find more information below:

The link above mentions the procedure to land at signup directly. Its supported
in New universal login not classic universal login.


Ah thanks! I have search this for a long while.
Super, can also confirm it works perfectly.
Now i have the abilty to show correct state depending on login/signup

this.$auth.loginWith("auth0", { params: { screen_hint: "signup" } })

Perfect! Thanks for sharing the snippet with the rest of community!

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