New Universal Login is not showing Sign Up

Im using New Univ Log, I have disabled de option Disabled Sign Up, but the link to sign up is not showing in the login theme.
I also disable the social apps, but still not showing.

Hi @ldibello,

Can you please post a screenshot of the login page?

Here is…

Have you customized the text of the login prompt? You should see it at the bottom like this:

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.36.15 AM

Yes with or without text customize don’t show.

–data ‘{ “login”: { “title”: " “, “description”:” "}}’


–data ‘{}’

Would you please DM me your tenant name?

Additional info, the New Login interface is one per organization, so if I made some changes in the database-connection like ask for username and email, I only see email in the form. So I think that have to do something else.

This is related to the organizations feature. Signup is not allowed with organizations, but you may consider using the invite flow.

Mmmm, that flow I think is not an option…The problem is that I need users login into different websites , using the same database, but they must have the sign-up option.
Is there any workaround? I think that Im not the only that need this kind o feature.
Im stuck, and don’t want to use classic mode. :frowning:

It sounds like there are some internal discussions about it, but there isn’t an ETA at this time.

You could use the signup endpoint to create a custom signup page for your users, then they would be added to the org when they log in for the first time.

Yes but is there a way to customize this endpoint to show different logo, another question, how do I put the link to redirect to that endpoint?

The endpoint has no UI. You simply send a post request to create the user. You could have a signup button in each app, with branding for that app. Then you would direct your users to signup from your app (with a button, or a dedicated page).

This is a bit of a workaround, so it’s not exactly the solution you are looking for. I would recommend creating a feature request so we can track the demand for this.

Ok, after contact support, we realize that we can use de Client_id and modify the default templates via API request.

Regards and thanks for all

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