Don't show "Sign Up" option on New Universal Login

Hello there,

I’m using Wordpress with auth0 as identity provider(signup + login). Signup is done via a special form using the api.
Login is done using the New Universal Login page. This page has the option to register as well but we only want user to register via our custom form.

is there a way to hide the signup option on the New Universal Login page or at least re-rout the signup lint to a different page?

Thank you!


You can disable signups in the connection settings at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps!

When disabling this option, the signup link disappears. For some reason signing up using the api then also does not work anymore (http post request to the" *****" endpoint).
Any thoughts? thanks!

It looks like you will have to use classic universal login to achieve this. I was able to do some hacky stuff with new universal login, like customizing the text of the signup link to be blank, but I don’t think it really serves as a solution.

You can use the allowSignup option of lock with classic universal login to do this the right way.

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