The send-phone-message Action trigger does not appear to be running run

Problem statement

I’ve created a ‘send-phone-message’ action, added it to my flows for ‘Send phone message’, and in my MFA settings, I’ve set it to ‘custom’.

However, whenever I try to log in, I get an error that ‘Failed to send a voice message’ or ‘Failed to make MFA voice call’. In the ‘Realtime webtask logs’ extension, I don’t see any indication that the action was executed—e.g., no errors, etc., and none of my console.log statements are printed.

Changing the MFA provider back to ‘Twilio’ fixes this, and SMS/voice calls are made, but changing it to custom just gives a blanket ‘We couldn’t send an SMS/make a voice call’ error.

There is no more info under monitoring → logs; it prints the same generic error message. Can you please shed any light on this, as we need to switch to using a custom provider asap?


This issue was caused by having a send-phone-message Hook enabled at the same time as the send-phone-message Action. If a send-phone-message hook is enabled, then a send-phone-message Action will not run. This is true only for this flow.


We recommend disabling the send-phone-message hook to resume the desired flow of the send-phone-message Action.