Text Customization API


I was using the custom text api but somehow the customizations are not showing.

I’ve used this:
PUT: https://{my-custom-domain}/api/v2/prompts/login/custom-text/en

{ “login”: { “description”: “Log in here to continue to ${clientName}”} }

I get a 200 response and when I use GET I can see that the information is saved, but I don’t see this change reflected on the login screen.

Is there any other setting I have to activate before the text customizations start getting picked up?

Have you turned on new universal login? If you are using classic the text customization API will have no effect.

Yes, I am using the New Universal Login experience.

Can you please post a screen shot of your login page?

I’ve send you a pm with a screenshot.
For additional context, I have used the template api to modify the layout of the page.

It looks like you might be using the login-id page. Can you try using that as your prompt value?

i.e. PUT: https://{my-custom-domain}/api/v2/prompts/login-id/custom-text/en

Here is the doc for it:

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Thanks so much - that did the trick!

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Great! Thanks for following up.

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