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I see that there is a way to customise login screen text (Custom Text API for New Universal Login [Product Roadmap: Launched])
However, I was wondering if apart from the available variables (Customize Text for the New Universal Login Experience), can we pass a parameter to auth API?

Ours is a multi-tenancy saas application. Our application does not allow signup’s. Instead, creates a super admin user (our customer) using management API. These super admin user’s are allowed to create other users (their clients). When these clients login, I want them to see “Login to <super admin user’s company name>”.
Is this possible?


Hi @sandeep.thammadi,

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For that level of customization (e.g. different login HTML for different applications), I believe you would need to use a custom template using the Classic Login Experience.

You can update a client’s custom login page using the Management API’s PATCH /api/v2/clients endpoint like so: How to set up hosted page ? - #2 by ricardo.batista

Hi @stephanie.chamblee,

Thanks for your reply. I figured using a generic name like “Clients” or something relevant for each client facing application with Universal login screens would resolve my issue.
I honestly liked the Universal login screens and would not put an effort to customise classic login screens.


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