Terms checkbox for New Universal Login

Hi @tom.arbuthnot,

I don’t have a public timeline for it at the moment. When I do, it’ll be posted.

Is there a way we could improve the threading? I’m seeing the most recent post with the information. Feel free to DM me if you have some feedback.

HI @dan.woda any updates on “coming soon”?

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I’ll post an update here when I have more info.

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Looking forwards to that. That is much-needed in my project


We are also waiting for this topic. We have to use the new universal login to use organizations, but until now the new universal login does not support the full feature set of the classic login.
We contacted the digital TAM regarding this feature in May 2022, their answer was that it is on the roadmap for Q3 2022. Now we have 2023 and this feature is still not released and there is no concrete information when it will be released. I’m more and more unsure if the feature roadmap is something we can rely on? Lately nearly all features we were waiting for were postponed

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Thanks for the added info.

Our teams work hard to release features on time, but occasionally a feature is delayed. Target dates are subject to change unless noted otherwise.

I appreciate your patience.

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This is unfortunately what blocked us from using the latest ULP setup, seems like a pretty major blocker to leveraging the latest and greatest ULP

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@robbie.nohra it seems it is blocking most of Auth0 partners from using it, as if someone would like to be truly in line with GDPR and offer best UX then this checkbox is a must.

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@mariusz.bernacki funnily enough it is something baked into the Lock widget :sweat_smile: (what we ended up using for now)

So not sure why it wouldn’t be included here, not a “net new” feature in that respect

@dan.woda Is there a roadmap or ticket where we can see the status of this feature? Currently blocking our development. We need to evaluate switching back to the old login (which takes time) or just waiting for this feature to release. Really depends on the ETA. What is your recommendation? Thanks.

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Hi @jos,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This is the public ticket for this item. There is no ETA at the moment, but I can check with our product team and see if there is any other info I can share. Hold tight.


Hi again, I don’t have any new updates to share, but I’ll add anything here as it comes available.

Hey @dan.woda ,

We finally decided to implement consent using this page: GDPR: Track Consent with Custom UI.

This took some time, but works for us and also works with the new login and social sign in.

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We are also interested in this feature and would like to be notified of an update.

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Is there no way to show terms and conditions using Auth0 when a user signs up?

Hi @dan.woda — any update?


No new updates at this time. I’ll post here when I have something new for you.

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I cannot believe the most basic feature required by virtually everyone of your client base is not supported in your “new” and “recommended” login, and even worse not picked up for development as an “optional” feature for over a year.


I totally agree with you.
This is the only reason we are stuck with the classic login and cannot use the new universal login UI. Probably all customers in the EU are facing this issue and I don’t understand why this is not a higher priority feature to be implemented.


@dan.woda Any updates on this? What are the requirements to prioritise a task? If needed I can get a petition going as this is a must-have in EU/UK.