Is it possible to add a checkbox to accept TOS & PP during signup in the new universal login?

For legal & compliance reasons, we need to make users accept our terms and conditions, with a link to them, before they sign up. The usual way to do this, is by adding a checkbox in the signup form, with a message like:

“By signing up, you declare to have read and accepted our terms and conditions and our privacy policy”

We have been trying to add this to the login experience but failed so far. Things we have tried:

  • We tried customising a text on the universal login page, to contain the message and a link. We didn’t manage to add the links so this failed. (We tried to say that “By clicking sign up you agree…”).
  • We opted out from the signup page to be from the new universal login experience. Here we succeeded to create our own login page, BUT, then we tried to log in to an organisation, and faced the message that the classic experience did not support organisational logins…

This is where we are now. We would like to have this option on the signup page. Is there a way to do this with auth0?Preformatted text

Hey @Colossyan Auth0 is currently working on TOS checkbox support on New Universal Login pages - but for now, they have provided a short-term solution in this FAQ post

Hope this helps!