Terms checkbox for New Universal Login

We need a “Terms & Conditions” checkbox for the signup page. Are there any plans that this feature will find its way into the new universal login anytime soon?


Hi @CoffeeTime,

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I am reaching out to the team on this and will update here with their response.

The ability to add ToS is in the near-term roadmap, but I don’t have a specific ETA.

Hi @dan.woda, is there anywhere we can track the progress of this feature? Our team is also looking forward to the implementation.


Hi @dfrazee,

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I don’t have an ETA at this time, and it doesn’t look like we have an official feature request for this. I’ll try and post an update here when this is released or have some timeline.

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Is there any recommandation on how to incorporate it into the flow?

I could easily put this consent into my user onboarding, but at that point the account is already created on auth0.

+1 to this feature and some way of tracking progress on it, an ETA, that would be great.

I’m facing the same issue - will be implementing a checkbox in my onboarding flow today.

However, as far as I understand GDPR, it’s (near?) impossible to be GDPR-compliant without asking for consent clearly and explicitly before collecting data and tracking that consent. This, in turn, would mean, if I understand the regulations correctly, that it’s impossible (or, perhaps, impractical? there might be solutions I haven’t thought of) to build fully GDPR-compliant authentication with the New Universal Login flow.

Would love to see the option to add that checkbox, hope you can prioritise it. Either way, thank you for your hard work, the New Universal Login is great overall!


Hi @rgoj,

Thanks for your added input!

I still don’t have a specific ETA for this feature, but it is still in out near-term roadmap. I’ll update here when I have a more detailed timeline.

Thanks for your quick update, @dan.woda ! Looking forward to hearing any news about this :slight_smile:

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@dan.woda is there an official feature request we can track? I’d really like to use the new universal experience, but this terms and conditions box is necessary.