Terms & Conditions box in the "New Universal Login Experience"

Dear Auth0 Community,

we recently upgraded our plan to be able to use custom domains and would like to migrate to the “New Universal Login Experience” by making use of the Page Templates.

We would also still like to have a “Terms & Conditions” checkbox that the user has to accept when he signs up, like described in this solution: GDPR: Track Consent with Lock. Meaning, in the end we want to have the timestamp in the user metadata, that he accepted the terms.

Is there any way to achieve something similar with the “New Universal Login Experience”. As there we can only put the {%- auth0:widget -%} into our html code, but we can’t customize anything inside the behavior or add any custom logic.

We found various threads already on the topics, with many linking to this page: https://auth0.com/docs/universal-login/new-experience/new-experience-limitations, but unfortunately this link is not accessible anymore. So maybe there have been even improvements or new possiblities in the meantime?

Thank you for any hints on how to achieve this, if it is possible.


At this time the new flow does not support additional fields.

This is documented on this page (which I believe is the correct link for the document you posted on experience limitations): New Universal Login vs. Classic Universal Login

Hope this helps, thank you!


Thanks for helping on this one Marcus!