New Universal Login Experience additional metadata

If we needed to collect additional metadata in the New Universal Login experience, what’s the best path forward? Would it be similar to how they’re collecting consent as outlined here:

Or do I just need to do a full custom login?

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Are you wanting to collect additional data from the user when they sign up?

Unfortunately, adding additional fields to the New Universal Login experience is currently a limitation:

However, if you go to Universal Login in your dashboard and select Classic Login Experience, you can define custom sign up fields. To do this, go to the “Login” tab and toggle on “Customize Login Page” and add additionalSignUpFields parameter to the lock settings.

additionalSignUpFields: [{
        name: "address",
        placeholder: "enter your address",
        // The following properties are optional
        icon: "",
        prefill: "street 123",
        validator: function(address) {
          return {
             valid: address.length >= 10,
           hint: "Must have 10 or more chars" // optional
      }, {  
         name: "full_name",
         placeholder: "Enter your full name"

Thanks. Is there a roadmap to when you expect feature partity between classic and new? Are additional sign-up fields currently being worked on? Does the PM in charge want beta testers?

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Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for when additional fields will be supported in the New Universal Login at this time. You can request this feature on our product feedback page so that the product team is able to hear about the value this would bring:

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