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The documentation seems confusing here. This seems to be the document that is passed around, and it mentions the Universal Login is recommended. Everything regarding additional signup fields seems to point the Lock js sdk (which seems to load it’s own modal).

I’ve dug around the UI for at least 30 minutes looking for a place to add additional fields, but I’ve come up empty.

I simply want to add some fields to collect name and phone number… basic stuff. Is this possible with Universal Login?

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This should get you started:

The managing user bits are useful, but that doesn’t provide any insight into updating the Universal Login fields to capture that info during signup. I understand how to interact with the api to update metadata fields once they’re logged in - but I’m trying to avoid that, as I’m more likely to capture the info I need upon signup.

@dudo the details for that additionalSignUpFields Lock variable to modify the Classic Universal Login template is here: Lock Configuration Options
(Note that this is only works for Database connections)

In the UI, you would go to your tenant dashboard > Branding > Universal Login > Login (tab) > Ensure you have “Customize Login Page” enabled > Modify HTML

If you are using the New Universal Login template, however, you will not be able to add additional signup fields to the form.

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That’s what I was able to put together as well. I’m using the new stuff (per the recommendations, again), and don’t really want to rework everything to use Lock instead.

Is this something that Okta/Auth0 has on their roadmap? Seems like relatively foundational functionality.


Unfortunately, I’m not aware if this is on Okta/Auth0’s current roadmap - you can create a new post requesting the feature or vote on posts in the feedback community section.

I tried to search and found this post that seems to fit your needs.

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