Terms checkbox for New Universal Login

We are also interested in this feature and would like to be notified of an update.

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Is there no way to show terms and conditions using Auth0 when a user signs up?

Hi @dan.woda — any update?


No new updates at this time. I’ll post here when I have something new for you.

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I cannot believe the most basic feature required by virtually everyone of your client base is not supported in your “new” and “recommended” login, and even worse not picked up for development as an “optional” feature for over a year.


I totally agree with you.
This is the only reason we are stuck with the classic login and cannot use the new universal login UI. Probably all customers in the EU are facing this issue and I don’t understand why this is not a higher priority feature to be implemented.


@dan.woda Any updates on this? What are the requirements to prioritise a task? If needed I can get a petition going as this is a must-have in EU/UK.



Thanks for reaching out. As mentioned in my previous post, I will update here with more information as it becomes available. This feature is already in development, but I simply don’t have an ETA for it.


Just piling on here: We also need this feature, ideally paired with a key/value in the recorded Auth0 user data object that would update when the checkbox is activated.

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What are the current workarounds for getting this working without having to implement the forms internally?

We need this feature for our launch at end of June. Looking at this thread I have a feeling we’ll still need to wait a long time to get it.

Also looking forward for this feature. To be honest, I find it odd that a product of this kind is missing such a basic feature.


We are also interested… W are wondered why this such a feature is not part of UniversalLogin…you cannot even have user email in Europe without simple condition link on forms… Just link is enough but no way to add without using custom UI/template

Please check this one on how to add T&C


Guys I found this to add tos to registration.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

Thank you so much for sharing this! With page templates, it was really easy to become compliant with GDPR in Europe using the new universal login. Took only a few minutes to get it working in our tenancy!

Also interested in a native solution here.

Also not clear on why this feature is taking so long to develop…

Hi all - are there any updates on the expected release date for a native solution?

We are also in dire need to implement such functionality for the new Universal Login. I understand you do not have a clear deadline on the implementation of this feature, however without a clear deadline it’s very hard for your customers to plan ahead. May I please ask it would be possible to provide a deadline?