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Support Case Survey emails gone wild


Edit: @James.Morrison: sorry to tag you in like this, but something whacky going on in Auth0 support:

I just had a pile of support case survey emails dumped on me in a very short period of time. I’m assuming this is a bug / glitch. These are all old cases that were closed years ago. Looks to me like support is renumbering all old tickets, and that is triggering the survey emails. Something like:

  1. copy old ticket to new ticket number,
  2. close new ticket,
  3. survey email triggered.


This is getting silly:


Thanks for the heads up @markd, I’ll reach out to support right now and see what may be going on. Thanks!

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@markd can you DM me your tenant name? Thanks


I wanted to follow up @markd and let you know our Ops team is currently looking into the issue. They have not identified the root cause as of yet. However I will keep you posted as we find out more details :+1:


Thanks James. Looks like the emails have stopped now.

Just guesswork but it kinda looks like old tickets are being renumbered? E.g., when my ticket ID 19928:

was closed I got the survey email:

Looking at that ticket now, it (now?) has a URL of, and the new survey email references the number 00386388 rather than 19928:

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Hey @markd, touching base that ops has implemented a fix and measures so this won’t happen again. I apologize for impact. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Thanks James. All good!

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