Replying to Ticket puts Ticket at the End of the Support Queue

Hi. I have an open issue with the Auth0 support team. I just talked to a sales rep and he told me that replying to the issue puts me at the END of the queue? Is this for real? Has anyone else experienced this? Or did the sales guy I talked to just not know what is going on?

Hey there @robert.wafle, Let me check on this for you. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks!

I wanted to follow up with you @robert.wafle that I have confirmed with our support department that replying to a open case does not put you at the end of the queue. I also updated your support ticket letting the technician know that you would like an update. Thank you.

Thanks James. I was truly hoping that it was just a misunderstanding in Sales. Support got back to me and we were able to work through the issue. Everything is working perfectly now.

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