Strange bugs after inviting new admin

So, everything worked perfectly until I decided to invite an admin into the tenant dashboard. Coincidentally or not, his admin account is signed up with the same google oauth2 account as the end application user (which he already was from the beginning, with no issues).

Then, without changing any other dashboard settings, we started experiencing very strange bugs.

  • At some point after signing in, the second admin saw no applications in the dashboard. It’s as if they were deleted. But after signing out and back in again, they were still there.

  • Now this one is the strangest of all, and has seemingly nothing to do with the admin. Some end users reported that after logging in to application ABC at url, they were redirected by auth0 to, which is a different frontend instance sharing the same auth0 app. This issue is also not replicable and started happening randomly. Again, nothing was changed on our side, frontend code is also the same.

Hey there!

The second one doesn’t seem to be related with the admin thing. Can you send me your tenant name via private message here in the forum so i can investigate that from behind the scenes? Thank you!