Inviting admin link takes user to login screen but credentials do not work

Hey guys -

Trying to invite other users to be admins but when the click the link from email it prompts them to log in but says wrong user name / password (but I know its not b/c I am able to login to our app using those credentials).

We are a FREE version user, are we limited to 1 admin user?

Thanks in advance,

Are you inviting the to be auth0 tenant admins or as Admin role to your application itself?

There is no limit on tenant dashboard admins for FREE users.

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Tenant admin. I want a few other folks to have the ability to add new users when I am away.

When you invite someone to be tenant admin they need to sign up with auth0 first (unless they are logging in with any of the social logins). Are they having issues after signing up with Auth0?

Your app login si completely different to that of Auth0 account login.

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no, she is already in authO as a user. I may have her create a new user when she gets to that screen and delete her old user.