SSO with OIDC results in infinite loop

Hello Auth0 Community,

I have 2 apps and, both of them are using (custom domain) to authenticate via OIDC. Logging in via gives me access to, so I suppose SSO is working?

The issue is that embeds a component from, and this component checks if the user is authenticated, if so, it will proceed to load the rest of the components, if not, it will prompt the user to log in.

From what I have seen in the HAR files

  1. Loads page assets in
  2. Loads components from
  3. Component redirects to authenticate user
  4. Redirect to to log in
  5. Redirect to is for sale with the code
  6. Reloads the page in 1

Does anyone have an idea why does the component not recognize the authentication tokens already in place and keeps requesting to log in again?

it seems that the tokens for and are overwriting each other, hence the infinite loop when one refreshes the token and the other app tries to refresh the token because it does not recognise the token.

Seems like my SSO is not working properly, are there any steps I could take to verify if SSO is working properly?