Redirection to custom domain doesn't work


I configured my auth0 single page application to use OIDC authentication with universal login and custom domain verified for a platform I use
the platform address is
the validation of my domain is on

I didn’t change a thing in the default app code, when trying to login i keep getting my auth0 native domain (

I reviewed the documentation but I probably missing something.


Hey there @shayb welcome to the community!

You would need to update your default app code as well for it to use custom domain instead of the auth0 default one.

Heres and example of domain setting in Auth0 React SDk:

Hope this helps to clarify!

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Hey @romans.romanovs, would this also apply to external OIDC connections? At first, I configured it to use the default but have since configured the custom domain. Currently, it is not redirecting as I would have expected and thinking it might be this.