Hosting react-app with routing for login on auth0

I am using auth0 for login and signup. However, my use-case is a little different from the usual. Here’s the solution I’m searching:

I have a custom domain setup on auth0 and wants to be able to navigate to a certain path on the custom domain and get certain views. For example, let’s say I navigate to https://account.{MY_CUSTOM_DOMAIN}/login then I would get the login page and if I navigate to https://account.{MY_CUSTOM_DOMAIN}/sign-up then I would see the signup page.

Anyone have any idea how this can be achieved?

Hi @rburrell,

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According to the docs, you can use a Custom Domain to use the URL for Universal Login instead of, but unfortunately, Universal Login won’t be able to support the URLs you’ve described.

In order to implement those routes, you’d likely have to use an embedded login:

Here is more information about configuring features for custom domains:

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