Some verification mails are not coming through (even not in spam)

Hi there, I just heard that our verification emails (with the 6 digit code) are not coming through for some of our users that sign in. I tried it myself and that works without an issue. Also tested it with different e-mails and users.

In the Auth0 logs I can see that the e-mail is sent. How can I debug best?

Hi @tom20 ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

To troubleshoot why the verification email not coming through, I suggest checking two additional items besides the spam folder and the logs.

  1. make sure your tenant is using your email provider, instead of the Auth0’s built-in email provider. Auth0 email provider has restrictions and might cause latency, and it should only be used for testing. Please reference this article.
  2. go to Branding → Email Templates → select the template "Verification Email (using code) → click on Try and enter the user’s email and see if this issue persists.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if any further queries.