OTP emails are going to spam in gmail [production issue]

Hello, we have been using Auth0 for our authentication for nearly 2 years now. Over the past 2 days, all the verification emails are ending in our spam on gmail (for business)

Stack: Auth0 Universal login on our Capacitor based mobile app

What could be the issue and how can we fix this?

our mail-tester score -

Hey Kaushik. Thanks for reaching out to community.

If you or your org uses custom email provider for sending verification or pwd reset emails then I would request you to contact the email provider for the same as E-mail provider uses filtering software with rules that block the e-mail.

Depending on the e-mail provider and filtering software, the steps to solve may vary, but the concept is the same: the receiver of the e-mail or the IT Administrator in charge of the filtering software must add a rule to allow all e-mails from the blocked e-mail address to prevent the e-mail from being filtered to the spam folder. Here is an example for Gmail - Add users to safe senders list

Thanks !!

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We got this issue fixed. There was nothing going on Auth0 but it was some DNS config changes on Mailgun (which is plugged to Auth0).

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